Our Drain Repipe solution boasts exceptional durability, with a lifespan extending well beyond 100 years. Additionally, it is lead-free and biostatic, as PVC inhibits the growth of bacteria. Take advantage of our 0% financing option for 12 months and benefit from a Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty, transferable from one owner to the next for this repiping project!

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Clogged / Leaking Drains?

All homes have drainage problems that fall into these two categories. 1.) Clogged Drains or 2.) Leaking Drains. If you haven't had this problem already YOU WILL!
All older homes were built with galvanized and /or cast iron drain pipes. Some were built with thin copper pipes. Hindsight 20/20 shows that all these materials are in-fact not the best suitable to handle the job. Piecemeal patch job? Or permanent solution?


Traditional Approach

Clogged Drain- A plumber will usually make a quick buck by recommending to rodd the clogged drain in an attempt to clear it. Clearing it is never guaranteed but you pay either way. What is guaranteed is that while rodding, this cable will inevitably weaken the side wall of your pipes and cause a premature leak later on. Rodding can not reach all pipes, Rodding is expensive, Rodding will cause leaks and more repairs. Is Rodding the best idea ? very seldom.

Leaking Pipes: A plumber will usually recommend just replacing the leaking portion of the pipe which is easiest. It is expensive, it ignores the simple truth that the next 6 inches of pipe is in the same age and condition. It also carries no warranty.

These piecemeal patch jobs are at best a temporary fix .


Our Approach!

We specialize in repiping and therefore can offer cost-effective solutions for completely replacing your entire drainage system, essentially bringing your entire system back to an as-new condition.

We replace all your old clogged and corroded drains with new PVC pipes which will last a lifetime. Saving you money in the long run and giving you peace of mind.

Most plumbers shy away from this, as it is very challenging, doing this with the customer still occupying the home, however, this is what we specialize in!

Most homes take 1-3 days, with patching included. Call us to find out!



Older homes have either galvanized or copper drains. The galvanized will build up mineral deposits over the years which will turn into rust and rock hard obstruction clogging up. Rodding it may or may not clear it but it will certainly weaken the side wall or cause a leak. On the other hand copper drain lines seem to be susceptible to the corrosive sewer gases disintegrating it over time. The only real long term permanent solution is to RE-PIPE. Call us for a free in home estimate.

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Petrified old galvanized drain.

PVC pipe does not accumulate deposits


100% Clogged !!

Nothing can fix these pipes, they need to be replaced

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