PEX repipe is exceptionally durable, lasting well over 100 years. We offer 0% Financing for 12 months as well as a Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty, transferable from owner to owner on this repiping job!


The Problems With Old Pipes

For numerous decades, galvanized pipes served as the predominant material for installation in the majority of homes. Unfortunately, with the passage of time, the zinc layer on the interior of these iron pipes undergoes corrosion, leading to various issues. These problems encompass low water pressure, abrupt temperature fluctuations during showers, unpleasant-tasting water, discolored water or stains on laundry, and potential leaks within a home's plumbing or beneath its concrete slab.

If you're experiencing any of these issues in your home, there's a high likelihood that galvanized pipes are present in your system. Now is the opportune moment to consider repiping your home with PEX.


PEX Repiping Is The Solution

Cross-linked polyethylene tubing, commonly known as PEX, is extensively utilized in a wide array of applications, showcasing its versatility in residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing systems.

Within residential plumbing, PEX plays a prominent role in facilitating both hot and cold potable water, as well as in hydronic heating systems. It has emerged as the preferred material for repiping and remodeling projects, steadily gaining popularity in new construction endeavors as a viable alternative to traditional materials.

Notably, the installation of PEX requires no solvents, glues, or chemicals, and it is entirely lead-free. Moreover, it complies with all national and state standards concerning drinking water quality.


The PEX Repiping Process

Most Homes Repiped in 1-2 Days, Patching included!

  • Repiping Chicago-land for over 15 years!
    We have it down to a science. Most older homes in this area were built with galvanized water pipes, which have by now clogged up and corroded, causing major leaks, low water pressure and an unhealthy home! Every day Chicagoan's , drink, brush teeth and shower with water coming from those pipes shown. It is usually neglected until it is too late and it shouldn't be because a permanent solution is available! We repipe 3-4 homes a week!
  • SOLUTION ? Replace them with PEX
    Most homes can be done in 1-2 days with minimal disturbance. We go right from the main source and out to all fixtures of the home. It is like giving your home fresh whistle clean new arteries . Delivering healthy , clean pressurized water to all your fixtures.
    We come back the 2nd day to patch up all drywall holes to a paint ready surface.
    We open up walls as needed usually on the opposite side of the bathroom walls.
    Usually just small squares are required which are patched up at the end to a paint ready surface.

All you need to do is paint!

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